Europe as German Empire

The German Eurozone Empire

The German Eurozone Empire

A year ago I described Europe as being, in all but name, Germany’s empire of 500 million people – but one about to become a major burden. It would nevertheless stand by its “troubled empire.” Notwithstanding domestic opposition, Germany would “provide or mobilize enough financial aid” to avoid collapse of the Eurozone, “which would be so devastating to the nation’s political, economic and financial interests.”

But Berlin would impose a price for its support – acceptance by the profligate South of German values.

Another commentator, Peter Oborne, has also now started writing about Europe as Germany’s evolving empire. He says the latest bail-out was a “decisive step” towards a fiscal union.

That means Southern European member-nations “face a future as vassal states, their role reduced to the one enjoyed by the European colonies” in the past. They will provide “a ready market for the manufactured goods and services provided by the far more productive and efficient Northern Europeans.”

While the Southerners, unable to compete, “relapse into pre-modern economic systems, Germany is busy turning into one of the most dynamic and productive economies in the world.”

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