July 22, 2019

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Resources for maintenance, replacement, expansion

Scarcity of resources for maintenance, replacement, expansion

Investing in Infrastructure

Investing in Infrastructure

There are also lots of goodie-goodie public relations opportunities in being seen as major promoters of social goods such as roads, railways, airports, schools, hospitals, power and water services. [Read more…]

Why Its Time Again to Buy into Asia

Crisis provides Opportunities

Crisis provides Opportunities

Crises offer the best opportunities for investors, although we need nerves of steel to seize those opportunities.

You might have expected all the bad news from Japan and the Mideast to clobber Asian stock markets. But they have done nothing of the sort.

After a moderate correction, the markets as a whole remain in an uptrend. The bourse you would expect to be hit the hardest, Japan, plunged immediately after the tsunami, but has already recovered half the ground lost and is now well above levels seen last year. [Read more…]