February 20, 2020

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Monetary-easing policy options

European Central Bank

This slowly-developing environment of greater tolerance towards easy-money policies makes it less likely that the European Central Bank will be prevented from implementing more unconventional measures, if they become necessary. [Read more…]

Gold Readies for Another Upsurge

Gold Surge

The gold price seems to have been slowly but relentlessly sliding since it peaked at $1,920 in September 2011. This has been the strongest of the four corrections in the soaring bull market that began 12 years ago, with a fall of about 13 per cent. [Read more…]

A currency haven for international investors

Norway, currency haven for international investors

Norway, currency haven for international investors

Norway, like its Nordic cousins, is a welfare state with high living standards, abundant welfare benefits… and very high taxes. But it’s the richest member of the Sauna Club, thanks to its wealth of offshore oil and natural gas. [Read more…]

What is the Global Crisis About

Switzerland Central Bank

Switzerland Central Bank

The decision by Switzerland’s central bank to devalue the nation’s currency by pegging its exchange rate at 1.20 to euro – at a lower level than previously set by the free market – and to “print” an unlimited amount of francs to finance purchase of foreign currencies, is the latest sign of panic by global policymakers. [Read more…]

The Case for Investing in China Now

Since equity markets bottomed in July, US stocks have risen about 17 per cent – but China-listed shares have done much better, climbing about 24 per cent. Yet that has happened despite very different financial environments.

In the US the American central bank (“the Fed”) is flooding its system with money, deliberately aiming to promote a stock-market boom whose “wealth effect” it hopes will stimulate consumer demand, strengthen economic recovery and create jobs. [Read more…]