May 25, 2019

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Banking: Crisis by Design

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Banking – After the devastating Sub-Prime Crisis, which has cost the world trillions of dollars’ worth of lost economic growth, destroyed millions of jobs and businesses, and burdened taxpayers with huge state debts that continue to mount, you would expect implementation of radical reforms to prevent such a crisis from happening again. [Read more…]

Lessons from Cyprus

Cyprus Banking

Cyprus Banking

Once again, scary speculation about the consequences of the financial collapse in Cyprus turned out to be rubbish. [Read more…]

Why the Eurocrats Imposed a Bailout on the Irish

Bank of Ireland

Bank of Ireland

Why was it necessary for the European authorities to force Ireland to accept a painful “rescue” package that the Irish themselves said wasn’t necessary? [Read more…]

The Banking Conspiracy

It seems to have been left to a handful of financial journalists to expose the way the cabal of bankers, politicians and regulators governing global finance have conspired to cover up their guilt in bringing about the credit-based economic collapse. More worrying is the way they have diverted attention from the fundamental causes of the credit disaster and avoided enforcing the changes necessary to prevent a repeat — thus ensuring that in future there will be an even bigger bust. [Read more…]