July 22, 2019

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Just a matter of time


Currency Reserves

Currency Reserves

There are reasons why major nations haven’t done this yet. But the probability is that they will be driven into doing so in time, as global economic growth remains sluggish, governments fail to implement the radical reforms needed to kick-start higher growth, annual borrowings required to finance fiscal deficits stay high, and the private sector becomes increasingly unwilling to lend money to governments at derisory rates of interest. [Read more…]

Austerity v. Growth

The War over Austerity v. Growth

Austerity vs Growth

Austerity vs Growth

Should governments focus on borrowing less to finance their spending — or rather focus on spending even more, to promote economic activity, giving debt reduction a lower priority? This is the austerity versus growth argument that divides economists into two increasingly vocal opposing camps offering policymakers conflicting advice. [Read more…]

Hostile to Growth

Britain: a Culture Hostile to Growth This month Liz and I have had the fascinating experience of visiting the places where Winston Churchill — Britain’s wartime leader and its best-known statesman — grew up, lived and became famous, including Blenheim Palace, the Houses of Parliament and the Cabinet War Rooms, with his grand-daughter Celia Sandys […]

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