July 7, 2020

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Planning Your Portfolio

planning your portfolio

Planning Your Portfolio – All successful investors use heuristics to shape their strategic decisions, but it’s wrong to assume they are always correct. [Read more…]

Plan for Low-Risk Investing

Stock Strategy

Plan for Low-Risk Investing with the Browne Plan

The simplest way to invest is a Browne Plan. It promises steady capital growth with minimal downside risk, requires no management beyond an annual portfolio review, and frees you from having to make any decisions about what’s happening in the markets. [Read more…]

Explosion waiting to happen

Stable ranging is an explosion waiting to happen

reaction lows

Here are a few highlights of the abundant practical advice on technical analysis he gives in his book…

This article continues on from the first article: Keys to Improving Your Investment Profits

Trends: Correctly judging these – the ones to ride with, and the ones that suggest they are reversing direction – is of major importance. Consistency is one of the key characteristics to look for, and one of the most reliable indications that values will continue trending in the same direction. [Read more…]

High Costs for Poor Returns


I recently received a plea from a lady living in Thailand to warn people against a well-known locally-based financial adviser to expats for “locking clients into long-term investment products promising high returns, but in actuality delivering low returns and high fees.” [Read more…]

Multi-asset strategies essential

Multi-asset strategies

Multi-asset strategies essential as volatility continues, say Barings

– Barings’ annual study of best and worst performing asset classes shows sharp swings in performance
– While European equities top the 2012 list, the class was one of the worst performing in 2011 and 2010

Annual research from Baring Asset Management (“Barings”) into the best and worst performing asset classes over the past five years has revealed that sharp swings in performance for mainstream investment sectors continued in 2012, underscoring the benefits of a multi-asset approach to investing. While European equities lead the way in terms of 2012 performance, returning 17.8%, the asset class was one of the worst performing in 2011 as well 2010 and 2008 (see table below). [Read more…]

Billions moving into land buys

Farmland is essentially a long-term investment

Farmland is essentially a long-term investment

Farmland has risen in value at an average rate of 3.4 per cent a year since 1850 in the UK, and at an average of 6.2 per cent since 1967. Farm prices in the US have risen by 150 per cent in real terms over the past century. Some well-known private investors such as Jim Rogers, and some big institutional funds such as America’s TIAA-CREF, are moving billions into purchase of farmland in low-risk nations such as the US, Australia and Canada, and higher-risk areas in South America and East Europe. [Read more…]

Liquidity, forgotten trap

Liquidity: an oft-forgotten trap


Liquidity: an oft-forgotten trap

Liquidity: an oft-forgotten trap

You need to plan for cashing in some or all of your investments, either for a predictable expense such as financing a child’s university education, or an unpredictable one such as bringing money back into your country to finance a business. [Read more…]

Basics of Financial Planning

The Basics of Sound Personal Financial Planning

Basics of Financial Planning

Basics of Financial Planning

Globalization has changed our personal financial circumstances dramatically in a way that was unthinkable for our grandparents. My own situation is not unusual – I am domiciled in one country, live much of the year in another, and holiday in a third, holding citizenships of two of them. [Read more…]

An Opportunity for Long-term Income

Infrastructure Investment

Infrastructure Investment

If you need income with a low level of risk, there aren’t many options these days.

Interest rates are absurdly low as central banks create huge quantities of digital money to shield governments, mega-banks and powerful elites from the consequences of their shoddy policies, exploitation and general irresponsibility. (It’s the largely-innocent masses who bear the costs). [Read more…]

Investment Update On Asia Ex Japan Equities

ASEAN Markets Investment

ASEAN Markets Investment

As we head into the second quarter of 2012, we continue to target companies which we believe are well positioned to benefit from rising domestic demand and infrastructure development across the region. [Read more…]