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Autumn Budget – seasonal change for Property

uk commercial property

As Philip Hammond prepares to take to the stand in the Commons with his little red case for what he hopes to be his last Autumn Statement (again), the commercial real estate sector will be watching with baited breath as the contents could signal a watershed moment for the industry. It is an important budget, given that the Bank of England looks to have handed over the economic stimulus baton to the Treasury which will need to address the weakening trend in household spending, still the mainstay of the UK economy. [Read more…]

Tim Campbell joins Humaniq Advisory Board

tim campbell joins humaniq

Former winner of Lord Alan Sugar’s BBC TV Show The Apprentice joins the advisory board of new tech startup Humaniq, which has already raised $4M in two weeks [Read more…]

Retirement Savers to Consider Property Investing



Pension Regulation Changes Cause a Third of Retirement Savers to Consider Investing in Buy-to-Let Property

New analysis by Direct Line for Business (DL4B), the small business insurer, reveals that a third (32 per cent) of people aged 45 – 64 with a pension would consider using some or all of their pension pot to fund the purchase of a buy-to-let property as an alternative to a traditional pension income funded by an annuity. [Read more…]

Tough Times Ahead say Business School

London Business School

With London Business School experts saying don’t expect returns of more than 3 or 4 per cent a year from equities over the next decade, and negative returns from bonds, savers should keep about half their capital in cash or near-cash securities, says Money Management adviser Russell Taylor. [Read more…]

The Great Tax System Shambles

uk budget

This excellent report about the UK tax system by my friend Robin Mitchinson was originally published in his blog whydonttheylistentous. He does not live in the UK, but on the Isle of Man, a British tax haven. [Read more…]

Bank of England no Game Changer

Bank of England

Thursday’s announcement by the Bank of England’s Financial Policy Committee (FPC) is not a game changer, it is an insurance policy. [Read more…]

2014 Carter Jonas Business Export

Zircotec - Business Export

Abingdon, UK. An Abingdon-based automotive heat management specialist has been nominated for the 2014 Carter Jonas Business Export prize at this year’s Oxfordshire Business Awards. [Read more…]

Queen’s Awards For Enterprise

Queens Awards for Enterprise

More than 100 UK businesses have won Queen’s Awards for their international trade alongside companies winning for sustainable development and innovation. The businesses are recognised as part of this year’s prestigious awards that reward growth and enterprise. [Read more…]

Forex Trading Psychology

Competing in the congested Forex market – like competing in any sphere of life – is a discipline. It is a discipline that requires not just a knowledge and appreciation of what you are doing, but an innate psychological mastery; an ability to conquer fear, greed and, in many cases, addiction. The latter three components […]

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World Economic League Table 2013

The leading economic consultancy Cebr released its annual report The World Economic League Table. The report gives an end of year report on GDP in the 30 largest economies in the world. It also forecasts which countries will be in the ‘Top Thirty’ for 5, 10 and 15 years ahead. – China’s GDP in $ […]

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