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2014 Carter Jonas Business Export

Zircotec - Business Export

Abingdon, UK. An Abingdon-based automotive heat management specialist has been nominated for the 2014 Carter Jonas Business Export prize at this year’s Oxfordshire Business Awards. [Read more…]

Rising Exports Brighten Outlook

UK trade

UK trade

The UK’s trade deficit contracted in June to stand at £1.5 billion, compared to £2.6 billion in May, according to data released this morning by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). An £8.1bn deficit in goods was largely offset by a £6.5 billion surplus in services. Exports grew by 3.2% over the month, while imports increased by just 0.6%. While month-on-month changes in trade can be very erratic, this improvement appears to be slightly more solid, with exports 4.3% higher over the entirety of Q2 2013 compared to the same quarter a year earlier. [Read more…]