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OFF-Grid Expo hosts first digital edition

JOHANNESBURG — OFF-GRID Expo + Conference 2020  hosts its first digital edition in partnership with UNIDO ITPO Germany and Alliance for Rural Electrification for a two-day trade event; the exclusive digital event aims to cover off-grid solar, wind turbine, and hydropower systems and independent power supply; attendees can look forward to exciting lectures, panels, and unique networking opportunities for networking.

OFF-Grid Expo hosts first digital edition

Affordable and sustainable energy is crucial towards achieving Africa’s sustainable development goals. With several concerns being raised about the ramifications that will arise for the clean energy transition, the OFF-GRID Expo + Conference is excited to be hosting its first digital OFF-GRID Expo + Conference to highlight and unpack renewable energy solutions towards the future on the 2-3 of December 2020.

The two-day trade event in partnership with UNIDO ITPO Germany and Alliance for Rural Electrification aims to present lectures on off-grid solar, wind, and hydropower systems and a self-sufficient power supply. With a varied supporting program, the OFF-GRID Digital seeks to be an exemplary counterpart to the physical event. Having launched in 2011 as a workshop, the event has gradually attracted more and more participants and aroused enthusiasm among exhibitors, attendees, and event partners.

The OFF-GRID Expo + Conference hopes to create a platform to connect and enable an environment of knowledge exchange throughout its fellowship. Each year has seen, project developers, technology suppliers, and industry associates come together to attend the OFF-GRID Expo + Conference to offer access to professionals in the field and unique networking opportunities that can help us advance the energy sector to the next level.

‘’Across Africa, access to power has been hindered by the lack of access to competitive funding, the continents infrastructure, and the need for energy policy and legislation to be adopted to boost investment in the sector. The Chamber expresses great interest in such initiatives because it is conversations we should be having, not only with likeminded individuals but with governments and public institutions,’’ said Executive Chairman, NJ Ayuk.

UNIDO ITPO Germany, Alliance for Rural Electrification and the African Energy Chamber continue to stress the importance of eradicating Africa’s power crisis through the widespread use of renewable energy solutions and smart power technologies and ensuring sustainable and cost-effective electricity in the years to come.


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