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Top Ten Tips for Small Business

small business

Small Business – As we approach the last quarter of the business year, small businesses everywhere need to take stock of the year, do some spring-cleaning and make final plans for a last push in 2015. [Read more…]

Measures to support SMMEs

develop SMMEs

SMMEs – Government has set aside 30% of all government contracts to support small businesses and co-operatives in a bid to boost township and rural economies. [Read more…]

AFB launch Business Cash Advance product

Business Cash Advance product

Consumer and business finance company afb has launched an innovative Business Cash Advance product for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Kenya. [Read more…]

HRDC pledges support for small business

Human Resources Development Council - HRDC

The Human Resources Development Council (HRDC) has pledged its support for small business and quality education to help the country meet its development goals. [Read more…]

Praise for Malaysian SME plan

Malaysia SME

Malaysia SME

Johannesburg – Delegates from around the world attending a small business conference held in the city praised a long-term plan by the Malaysian government to assist small businesses, with members from South African business associations holding up the plan as a model that the country could learn from. [Read more…]

DTI moots small business census

DTI moots small business census

DTI moots small business census

Cape Town – The Department of Trade and Industry wants to run a regular small business census to help improve its support and funding to the sector as part of a revised policy to boost support to small businesses. [Read more…]

Development agencies to boost SMME



Pretoria – Cabinet has approved the merger of key small business development agencies under the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) umbrella.

Cabinet spokesperson Jimmy Manyi announced on Thursday that Khula Enterprise Finance, the South African Micro-Finance Apex Fund (SAMAF) and the IDC small business activities would be merged. [Read more…]

Taxi industry making the right change

South African National Taxi Council

South African National Taxi Council

Pretoria -Transport Minister Sibusiso Ndebele says the taxi industry has made great strides in transforming its image as an industry associated with brutal violence.

“The taxi industry has taken great strides transforming its image as an industry associated with the violent resolution of its disputes, to one today which has resolved to banish violence to the dustbin of history,” he said. [Read more…]

Seek out private tenders, small businesses told

Durban – Small construction businesses must start looking at the private sector for tenders. This was just one piece of guidance on offer at the 2011 Construction Indaba.

The two-day meeting, initiated by the eThekwini Municipality’s Business Support Tourism and Markets Unit, is aimed at assisting small businesses to become self-sustaining entities. [Read more…]