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Love spending policy changes

love policy

Love may be in the air this month but partners will unlikely be on the receiving end as new Lloyds Bank research reveals that people in relationships are more likely to spend on their hobbies than their loved ones.  [Read more…]

World Economic League Table 2013

cebr graphs

The leading economic consultancy Cebr released its annual report The World Economic League Table. The report gives an end of year report on GDP in the 30 largest economies in the world. It also forecasts which countries will be in the ‘Top Thirty’ for 5, 10 and 15 years ahead. [Read more…]

Brits Want To Club Together

uk money

Dutch-style ‘collective pensions’ are the most popular option with the British public for their retirement saving, according to a new report published today by the think tank IPPR viagra samples. This type of pension is currently illegal in the UK despite working well abroad, and would allow private sector workers in factories and shops to “club together” in the same way that public sector pensions allow teachers and nurses to. [Read more…]

Marc Walton shares success in Forex Trading

Desk Trader

Marc Walton of has placed his resources in providing a website that looks to train the beginner, inexperienced and not so experienced Forex Traders in the art of Forex Trading. [Read more…]

Cannon Technologies Sponsors ITCN Asia

Cannon Technologies

Cannon Technologies

Cannon Technologies is further enhancing its presence in Pakistan by joining forces with TEXPO, its exclusive partner in the region, to become a Platinum Sponsor of the 13th ITCN Asia International Exhibition & Conference, which takes place on 8th-10th October 2013 at the Karachi Expo Centre. Over 45,000 IT professionals from more than 30 different countries are expected to visit the event and experts will be available to demonstrate and explain the many benefits of Cannon Technologies’ market leading T4 Data Centre Solutions. [Read more…]

AEC seeks to end Japanese dominance

ASEAN Economic Community

ASEAN Economic Community

The implementation of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015 is likely to reduce the dominance of big Japanese automakers in the region introducing a more level playing field. Smaller Japanese players such as Suzuki, Mitsubishi and Isuzu and new entrants will gain the most from the implementation of AEC, as the level playing field will make it easier to expand their presence and challenge incumbents. However, big Japanese OEMs are still likely to continue to lead the market. [Read more…]

Conference Gives 2013 Outlook on Market

Global Automotive Market

Global Automotive Market

Complimentary web conference reveals which global OEM is expected to cross the 10 million sales mark, while another may be acquired

2013 is expected to be the year of the dragons and eagles striving growth and balancing fall in the European automotive industry. While China is expected to cross 20 million vehicle sales, the U.S. market is expected to reach 15 million sales, a record high since the economic crisis in 2007. On the other side of the Pacific, the ASEAN markets had a tremendous growth in 2012 with Indonesia joining the one million sales club for the first time. [Read more…]

World Bank chief prioritises tackling growth

World Bank Group

World Bank Group

Washington – On his first day as president of the World Bank Group, Jim Yong Kim stressed the role of the 188-member organisation in helping address global growth risks and providing development assistance. [Read more…]

Modest growth predicted in 2012

The Global Economy

The Global Economy

Mexico City – Finance ministers and central bank governors of the Group of 20 (G20) nations expect modest growth this year as downside risks continue to threaten the global economy. [Read more…]