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Stop fighting, Zuma tells business

  Pretoria – President Jacob Zuma has called for an end to the squabbles that have led to noticeable divisions within the country’s business sector following a decision recently by the Black Management Forum to cut ties with Business Unity South Africa. The storm had since led to divisions, accusations and counter-accusations of racism from […]

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Zuma to host SACU Summit

Pretoria – President Jacob Zuma will host the third Southern African Customs Union (SACU) Summit for Heads of State and Government in Pretoria on Friday. The SACU Commission is meeting today and the SACU Council of Ministers gathering will take place tomorrow ahead of Friday’s summit.The summit is expected to receive a progress report from […]

Zuma, Sarkozy to discuss global finance reforms

Pretoria – International Relations Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane says calls for reforms in global finance governance will form part of the discussions between President Jacob Zuma and his French counterpart Nicolas Sarkozy as the two meet for bilateral talks this week.


Sarkozy, Zuma Business

Sarkozy, Zuma Business

Zuma is on a state visit to France at the invitation of Sarkozy, accompanied by several Cabinet ministers, including Nkoana-Mashabane.

“It’s something that South Africa believes needs to be discussed. We (were) in this deep financial crisis not because of our own choice, so [no] proposals should be off the table… including how we can handle the challenges that come with climate change,” Nkoana-Mashabane said during an interview.

She also said South Africa will be looking forward to “cooperating with France” as Durban will host the biggest climate conference (COP 17) later this year.

The visit to France follows an invitation sent to Zuma by Sarkozy, with Nkoana-Mashabane describing the meeting as “strategic.” France considers South Africa as its top trading partner on the African continent, with more than 120 French companies operating in South Africa.

“We see eye to eye on the… positive development of the African agenda… We’ve got very good economic ties with France and it is our seventh most important trading partner and France also talks the same language with us on reforms of institutions of global governance,” said the minister.

France has also been spearheading the idea of expanding the alliance of the richest nations, the G8, to accommodate some of the top emerging economies, including South Africa, India and Brazil. – BuaNews

Govt declares 2011 as year of job creation

Zuma State of the Nation Address 2011

Zuma State of the Nation Address 2011

Cape Town – Government has declared 2011 as the year of job creation.

Delivering the State of the Nation Address in Parliament on Thursday, President Jacob Zuma said this would be done through meaningful economic transformation and inclusive growth.

“We have introduced a New Growth Path that will guide our work in achieving these goals, working within the premise that the creation of decent work is at the centre of our economic policies,” President Zuma said.

“Our goal is clear. We want to have a country where millions more South Africans have decent employment opportunities, which has a modern infrastructure and a vibrant economy and where the quality of life is high.”

He said all South Africans had a responsibility to work hard to make this a reality.

“Everyone must think of how they can contribute to the jobs campaign through creating opportunities for themselves and others.”

Amongst others, government will:

* Establish a jobs fund of R9 billion over the next three years to finance new job-creation initiatives.
* Set aside R20 billion in tax allowances or tax breaks to promote investments, expansions and upgrades in the manufacturing sector.
* Continue to provide financial and non-financial support to small, medium, and micro enterprises (SMMEs), small scale agriculture as well as cooperatives.
* Finalise and adopt the beneficiation strategy as the official policy of government, so that we can start reaping the full benefits of our commodities.

In addition, the Industrial Development Corporation has set aside R10 billion over the next five years for investment in such economic activities with a high jobs potential.

Government has also endorsed the African Exploration, Mining and Finance Corporation as the State Owned Mining Company that will undertake the mining of minerals of strategic significance.

All government departments will align their programmes with the job creation imperative. The provincial and local government spheres have also been requested to do the same.

Zuma said Government welcomed the undertaking by Parliament to monitor the adherence to the call to prioritise job creation.  – BuaNews