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OECD report into South Africa

Midrand – Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan had welcomed the latest OECD report into South Africa which states that although strides have been made, the country is not fully reaching its potential. The third Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) economic survey on South Africa was released in Johannesburg on Monday. The economic survey is […]

OECD report into South Africa is a post from: South Africa Business

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Germany Lured into a Trap

The FT explains how European Central president Mario Draghi has lured Germany into a trap which makes it virtually impossible for that nation to stop financing the Eurozone no matter how profligate it continues to be. The “Club Med Bank” (as I dubbed it last year when pointing out how control has passed into the […]

Germany Lured into a Trap is a post from: Germany in One

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