October 20, 2018

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Explosion waiting to happen

Stable ranging is an explosion waiting to happen

reaction lows

Here are a few highlights of the abundant practical advice on technical analysis he gives in his book…

This article continues on from the first article: Keys to Improving Your Investment Profits

Trends: Correctly judging these – the ones to ride with, and the ones that suggest they are reversing direction – is of major importance. Consistency is one of the key characteristics to look for, and one of the most reliable indications that values will continue trending in the same direction. [Read more…]

Debt Crisis Explosion: Still a Long Way Off

John Mauldin - Endgame

John Mauldin - Endgame

Endgame, John Mauldin’s much-praised book on “the end of the debt supercycle and how it changes everything,” is an excellent backgrounder to the changed global environment in which we now have to invest. [Read more…]