July 22, 2019

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Monetary-easing policy options

European Central Bank

This slowly-developing environment of greater tolerance towards easy-money policies makes it less likely that the European Central Bank will be prevented from implementing more unconventional measures, if they become necessary. [Read more…]

Will the Eurozone survive?

Euro Zone Fears

Euro Zone Fears

The Eurocrats are trying to design a better system for managing the Eurozone – both finding a way to restructure the dodgy debt and evolving a more conservative approach to state financial management in future.

There are many reasons why this is proving very difficult. Some nations favour stronger centralized control, others oppose it. Those who have been disciplined about money are understandably hostile to paying for the sins of those who have been, and in many ways still are, irresponsible, continuing to live too well on borrowed money. [Read more…]